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Certify your English proficiency!

McCallie School is now a Duolingo English Test partner. You can take the test from anywhere using a computer with a front end camera and microphone. No appointments are needed, and you get your results within 48 hours.

The results are highly correlated with other standardized tests, and includes a short video interview that will help you on your application process. The exam is only 49 USD and it takes only 45 minutes. 

Take the test by clicking the link below and submit your English language proficiency results to McCallie School when applying. 

Get an official Duolingo English Test Score and start your application process now!

Scientifically designed for the modern applicant

1. Accurate and Affordable
The Duolingo English Test cost US $49 and results are highly correlated with other english test such as the TOEFL and the IELTS, which cost US $250.

2. Verified Scores

The Duolingo English Test is remotely reviewed by a real human to ensure the validity of the test

3. Fast Results
The test takes 45 minutes to complete and everyone's scores are available within 48 hrs. 

How to take the test?

1.  Enter here: Duolingo English Test - McCallie School

2.  Log in with your email. If you already have an account sign in
3.  Please click in "Take a test"

4.  Read the instructions

5.  Set up your test area and

6.  Select and upload your ID

7.  Take a test and get an official Duolingo score

8.  Select the institutional sharing button that appear besides your certificate

9.  Share your result with McCallie School
Discover your English fluency now

Take the test on your computer!
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